A Locksmith That Will Help Your Situation

Any person may have a bad day. Sometimes it happens because of the locks. Just imagine that you’ve stopped at the gas station to fill the car and when you got out of the vehicle, you accidentally locked your car keys inside. Who can help you in such a case? Of course a smith providing automotive services like Locksmith Burnaby BC.

Actually, there are different locksmiths for every area of the profession. These may be

  • Auto locksmiths;
  • Commercial locksmiths;
  • Residential locksmiths.

Auto locksmiths

All the job connected with car locks and keys is done by auto locksmiths. They have a set of special tools to deal with locks of any car brand. They can provide

  • Car lockout. If you’ve lost your key or locked it in the car, or the key has been broken in the lock, auto locksmiths are ready to help you. They can open the vehicle with no damage to the lock itself or car windows or paint. You’ll not notice any signs of break-in. Besides, they can give you a new key no matter what kind it is (mechanical key, transponder key, self-programmable remote, laser-cut transponder key, proximity FOB or remote/key combo).
  • Trunk lockout. If you cannot open the trunk because of the broken lock, auto locksmith can solve this problem.

Commercial locksmiths

The peculiarities of the office buildings and their security requirements need some special knowledge. That’s why there are people specializing in commercial locksmithing. Some big commercial buildings even have such specialists on their stuff. They can offer a number of services, for example

  • Office lockouts. If you can’t get to your working place, they can help you to enter the building within the shortest terms. Commercial locksmiths can deal with biometric access control systems, electronic keypad locks, master key systems and any other key lock.
  • Installation and running of office security systems, master key systems, heavy-duty locks, mortise locks and keypad locks.
  • Installation and administering of special fire security door hardware. For example, panic bars or concealed door closers.

Furthermore, a commercial locksmith can consult you on the ways of your office safety improvement.

Residential locksmiths

In case you need any service concerning your home locks, you have to call for a locksmith specializing in house safety. They can handle with

  • Any kind of lock repair and fitting including sash locks, dead locks, Yale and Scandinavian locks, cylinder locks;
  • Any troubles with keys like extraction of the broken key, key replacement, key cutting or duplication;
  • Home lockout. If you can’t get into your house because you’ve broken or lost the key, the specialist will crack the door in a blink of an eye.
  • Home safety improvement. The locksmith can show you the weak places of your house and offer several ways of improving the security.
  • The damage to the doors and locks caused by burglary.

In fact, the number of services provided is much bigger. Now you know which smith you have to choose for every particular situation.